"1. push yourself to get up before the rest of the world - start with 7am, then 6am, then 5:30am. go to the nearest hill with a big coat and a scarf and watch the sun rise.

2. push yourself to fall asleep earlier - start with 11pm, then 10pm, then 9pm. wake up in the morning feeling re-energized and comfortable.

3. get into the habit of cooking yourself a beautiful breakfast. fry tomatoes and mushrooms in real butter and garlic, fry an egg, slice up a fresh avocado and squirt way too much lemon on it. sit and eat it and do nothing else.

4. stretch. start by reaching for the sky as hard as you can, then trying to touch your toes. roll your head. stretch your fingers. stretch everything.

5. buy a 1L water bottle. start with pushing yourself to drink the whole thing in a day, then try drinking it twice.

6. buy a beautiful diary and a beautiful black pen. write down everything you do, including dinner dates, appointments, assignments, coffees, what you need to do that day. no detail is too small.

7. strip your bed of your sheets and empty your underwear draw into the washing machine. put a massive scoop of scented fabric softener in there and wash. make your bed in full.

8. organise your room. fold all your clothes (and bag what you don’t want), clean your mirror, your laptop, vacuum the floor. light a beautiful candle.

9. have a luxurious shower with your favourite music playing. wash your hair, scrub your body, brush your teeth. lather your whole body in moisturiser, get familiar with the part between your toes, your inner thighs, the back of your neck.

10. push yourself to go for a walk. take your headphones, go to the beach and walk. smile at strangers walking the other way and be surprised how many smile back. bring your dog and observe the dog’s behaviour. realise you can learn from your dog.

11. message old friends with personal jokes. reminisce. suggest a catch up soon, even if you don’t follow through. push yourself to follow through.

13. think long and hard about what interests you. crime? sex? boarding school? long-forgotten romance etiquette? find a book about it and read it. there is a book about literally everything.

14. become the person you would ideally fall in love with. let cars merge into your lane when driving. pay double for parking tickets and leave a second one in the machine. stick your tongue out at babies. compliment people on their cute clothes. challenge yourself to not ridicule anyone for a whole day. then two. then a week. walk with a straight posture. look people in the eye. ask people about their story. talk to acquaintances so they become friends.

15. lie in the sunshine. daydream about the life you would lead if failure wasn’t a thing. open your eyes. take small steps to make it happen for you."

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A self care list. I’ve been working on this. I promise it’s worth it.

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I need to do this.

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panic/anxiety attack




  • breath in for 4 seconds
  • hold your breath for 7 seconds
  • exhale breath for 8 seconds

repeat once or twice more.

This causes an autonomic nervous system shift from a sympathetic (fight or flight reaction) state to a parasympathetic response.

Use this for panic/anxiety attacks, exams, presentations.

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Tumblr got anxiety advice. Fuck yeah.

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me: mom... dad... im g-
parents: gay?
me: going into battle and i need only your strongest potions
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I always get so pumped up by listen to epic instrumental scores that make you wanna go out and do heroic stuff, so I just gathered some tracks for this playlist and I hope you’ll like it! [listen]

  1. Destiny Of The Chosen - Immediate
  2. Dream Chasers - Future World Music
  3. After Earth - James Newton Howard
  4. Destiny Awaits - Audiomachine
  5. Icarus - Michael McCann
  6. Like A Dog Chasing Cars - Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard
  7. First Class - Henry Jackman
  8. Shenzou - Steven Price
  9. Last Stand - Erik Ekholm
  10. Garador’s Flight - Jo Blankenburg
  11. Protectors Of The Earth - Two Steps From Hell
  12. Earth To Asgard - Patrick Doyle
  13. Strength Of A Thousand Men - Two Steps From Hell
  14. Lost But Won - Hans Zimmer
  15. TMNT March - Brian Tyler
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The dream is to keep surprising yourself, never mind the audience.”  – Tom Hiddleston

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Miguèl Phelps never loses

is this free

I am a swimmer and I can confirm that this is how you win a race

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"He [Viggo Mortensen] was standing behind the camera throwing the apples … And I’ve never seen him so happy."

Billy Boyd


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Dior Couture by Patrick Demarchelier

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All Scott C, all the time.

by scottlava:

I don’t see how that’s a party.”

WATCH the making of for this showdown right HERE!

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