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|| If you ever need a dictionary of all of Tolkien’s elven languages —Quenya, Sindarin, Noldorin (which is not the language of the Ñoldor, that is Quenya. Noldorin is one of Tolkien’s archaic ideas that eventually became Sindarin), Quendya, Telerin and Nandorin— this is the place you should go look at. It has also Khuzdûl, Black Speech, Adûnaic and Westron. (All words are attested and not constructed.)

It includes roots of words, singular/plurals, reverse search, and comparisons between the various languages when possible. It’s not complete, but it’s very good, especially for Quenya/Sindarin comparisons and translations.

Have fun.

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lotr meme: 2/3 races 
- Ents

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Since my hair has grown I have cut it into a makeshift, über short bob which yes, you CAN do a lot with!

The first picture I just tucked most of my hair behind my ear then put on a bandana. (By the way yes, that is a cosmic cat) red lipstick made it look like I meant to wear that outfit and wasn’t just throwing a ton of random stuff on like what actually happened.

The second photo I just took a shower, brushed my bangs straight, and scrunched my hair with a towel, let it dry, then took a LITTLE bit of gel with a little bit of water and scrunched my hair again after if was mostly dry. Then I made a “sexy” face and took a picture. The gel is optional but that part is not.

The last look I just straightened my hair with a flat iron, curving downward at the end of my hair then put on a headband.

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Thanks @lagoregrind for letting me do this fun undercut! #crescentcut #undercut #cleanlines #straightrazor #punkycuts

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you are the dancing queen, young and sweet only seventeen.

that is a raccoon

no it’s the dancing queen can’t you read


how do people have relationship after relationship like i can’t find a single person to find me remotely attractive for a solid second

steve: youre my friend
bucky: youre my mission
me: brah
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